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Deerwood, FL Pool Pavers

Coastal Patio Pavers offers a wide range of premium pool paver services in the Deerwood area. We specialize in pool deck installation, demolition, and renovation using high-quality pavers that enhance your pool area's aesthetic appeal and durability. Additionally, we offer services such as paver sealing, demolition, and customization to meet your unique preferences. Coastal Patio Paver provides a range of quality installation, renovation, and demolition solutions at your doorstep to transform or restore your poolside. From enhancing curb appeal to providing safe slip-resistant surfaces, pool pavers make your relaxation space aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Tailoring Pool Paving for Your Home

Every home is unique in its style and architectural features. When it comes to pool paving, it's essential to tailor the design and materials to complement your home's aesthetic perfectly. Doing so creates a cohesive outdoor space that seamlessly connects your pool to the rest of your property. Collaborating with Coastal Patio Pavers professionals will allow them to assess your home's style and propose design options that blend harmoniously with its surroundings. We will consider factors such as color schemes, textures, and patterns that will enhance the overall appeal of your outdoor area. Whether your home boasts a Mediterranean-inspired design or has a more contemporary feel, experienced pool paver specialists can suggest appropriate materials and designs. For example, suppose you have a Spanish-style home with vibrant colors and intricate architectural details. In that case, we recommend using clay or terra-cotta pavers to capture the essence of that Mediterranean atmosphere. On the other hand, they suggest using larger-format concrete pavers in clean lines and neutral tones for a sleek and modern residence. Additionally, if you have specific design preferences or ideas, we can work with you to bring those concepts to life. Perhaps you envision a unique mosaic pattern or an eye-catching border around your pool - our professionals can navigate the possibilities and guide you in achieving the desired look. By tailoring pool paving for your home, you enhance its overall aesthetic appeal and increase its value. A well-designed pool area can significantly impact the curb appeal of your property while providing an inviting space for relaxation and entertainment. Your satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. Coastal Patio Pavers prioritizes clear communication, transparency, and a client-focused approach from the initial consultation to the final touches. We listen attentively to your needs, providing guidance and expertise at every project stage.
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Our Pool Paving Installment and Replacement Services

Coastal Patio Pavers' installation and replacement services for pool pavers are integral to creating and maintaining a functional, safe, and visually appealing outdoor pool area. These services, often provided by professional contractors or specialized companies, encompass a range of essential elements tailored to meet specific homeowner needs:

Pool Paver Installation

Pool Paver Installation

Our pool paver installation involves meticulous planning and execution to create a durable and aesthetically pleasing poolside surface. Our pool paving installation team begins by assessing the area, considering soil conditions, drainage requirements, and the desired design. We then prepare the ground, ensuring proper leveling and compaction. The pavers are expertly laid out according to the chosen pattern or design, with attention to detail in alignment and spacing. Professional installation minimizes errors and ensures the longevity of the paver structure.
Pool Paver Replacement

Pool Paver Replacement

Over time, pool pavers may require replacement due to wear, weathering, or changes in design preferences. Our replacement services involve the careful removal of deteriorated or damaged pavers and the installation of new ones. Our skilled professionals assess the extent of damage or deterioration, address underlying issues, and seamlessly integrate the pool pavers with the existing ones, ensuring a cohesive and structurally sound result.

Hiring Professional Pool Paver Services in Deerwood

Expertise and Specialized Knowledge: Our top-notch paving company possesses a wealth of pool installation and replacement expertise from years of specialized experience. Our expert team comprises skilled professionals well-versed in creating enduring, visually appealing, and safe pool areas. Our depth of knowledge ensures a meticulous approach to every aspect of the installation and replacement process, promising precision and exceptional results.
High-Quality Craftsmanship and Materials: Coastal Patio Pavers prioritize quality craftsmanship and utilizing top-tier materials renowned for their durability. Whether it's concrete, natural stone, or other premium options, their selection ensures resistance against harsh weather conditions, chemical exposure from pool treatments, and heavy foot traffic. Coastal Patio Pavers guarantees a poolside area that maintains its allure and functionality for years by focusing on superior materials and craftsmanship.
Customization Tailored to Preferences: One of the standout features of our professional pool paving team is their adeptness at customizing designs to suit individual preferences. Offering diverse design options, including various patterns, colors, and textures, we empower homeowners to create tailored designs seamlessly integrated with the property's aesthetic. This flexibility allows for a personalized touch, ensuring the pool area complements the landscape.
Professionalism, Efficiency, and Warranty: Our experienced pool paver installation and replacement professionals operate professionally and efficiently, ensuring a smooth and timely installation or replacement process. Our skilled team executes precise installations and replacements and minimizes issues like uneven surfaces or shifting pavers over time. Moreover, we often provide warranties, a testament to their confidence in the quality of our workmanship and materials, offering homeowners assurance and protection for their investment.

Pool Paver Installation Process

In Deer Wood, Florida, the pool paver installation process involves detailed planning, ground preparation, and precise laying of pavers, followed by joint filling and sealing. This ensures a durable, attractive, and safe poolside environment, compliant with local regulations.


Planning and Design

The planning and design phase for a pool patio installation begins with a thorough survey and layout of the intended area, which involves evaluating the space, soil type, and defining the patio's size and shape. Following this, the material and design pattern are selected, taking into account durability, maintenance, and how they will harmonize with the pool and its surroundings. Additionally, it's essential to adhere to local building codes by obtaining necessary permits and ensuring the design complies with safety regulations, especially those pertaining to pool areas.
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Ground Preparation

Ground preparation is a critical phase in construction. It starts with excavation, removing grass, soil, or existing materials to a specific depth, essential for a stable foundation. Next, the ground is leveled and soil compacted to prevent future settling, often involving a layer of gravel or similar material to enhance drainage and stability. This groundwork ensures a solid base for further construction.
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Foundation Setting

It begins with laying a base material, typically crushed stone, which is then compacted. The thickness of this layer is adjusted based on the soil type and the patio material selected. Following this, edge restraints are installed around the perimeter. These restraints are essential to securely hold the paving material in place, providing structure and stability to the overall design.
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Laying the Patio Material

In the patio material laying phase, the process starts with the placement of the chosen pavers or tiles from one corner, adhering to a pre-planned pattern. Each piece is set firmly into place using a rubber mallet. Custom cutting and fitting of the pieces are then carried out to accommodate pool edges and other obstacles, ensuring a precise and professional finish to the patio. This attention to detail in laying and fitting the material is crucial for achieving a high-quality end result.
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Finishing Touches

The final touches in patio installation involve filling the joints between pavers with sand or polymeric sand. This step secures the pavers in place and prevents weed growth. After the joints are filled, a sealant may be applied, depending on the type of material used. The sealant acts as a protective layer against weathering, stains, and fading, ensuring the longevity and aesthetic appeal of the patio. This sealing process is key to maintaining the patio's condition over time.
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Cleanup and Inspection

The completion of the patio installation process involves a thorough cleanup, removing all construction debris and cleaning the installed patio to showcase its new look. Following the cleanup, a final inspection is conducted. This inspection is crucial to ensure that every aspect of the patio, including its levelness, edge security, and overall installation quality, meets the expected standards. This step is essential to confirm the project's success and the client's satisfaction with the finished product.

Material Selection and Design

Selecting the right pool paver material is a pivotal decision when creating an inviting and durable poolside retreat. With an array of options available, homeowners can choose from various materials, each offering distinct advantages and aesthetic appeal. Concrete Pavers: Concrete pavers stand out for their versatility and affordability. These pavers come in diverse shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, allowing creative designs. They are resilient, enduring heavy foot traffic and diverse weather conditions. Cost-effectiveness makes them a popular choice for many pool areas. Natural Stone Pavers: Natural stone, such as travertine, slate, or granite, embodies luxury and sophistication. Its unique color, texture, and pattern variations impart an upscale elegance to the pool area. Additionally, natural stone often retains a cooler temperature, ensuring comfort for bare feet under the sun. Porcelain Pavers: Porcelain pavers combine durability with a sleek and modern appearance. Resistant to stains, scratches, and fading, these pavers offer an enduring solution. Available in various sizes, colors, and finishes, they can mimic the appearance of natural stone or wood, providing versatile design choices. Brick Pavers: Brick pavers exude a timeless charm, often associated with traditional and rustic designs. Their classic appeal and textured surface contribute to a slip-resistant finish, enhancing safety around the pool while adding rustic elegance to the landscape. Travertine Pavers: Known for their natural beauty, travertine pavers exhibit earthy tones, unique veining, and color variations. Beyond aesthetics, travertine remains cool, making it an ideal choice for hot climates, ensuring comfort even on scorching days.

Collaborations with Local Landscape Designers

Regarding pool paver services in Deerwood, collaborating with local landscape designers like Coastal Patio Pavers can significantly improve your pool area's overall aesthetic and functionality. Our professionals have the expertise and creative vision to enhance your outdoor space, creating a harmonious blend between your pool and the surrounding landscape. By partnering with local paving designers, you learn about the best materials, design options, and landscaping techniques to transform your pool area into a stunning oasis. At Coastal Patio Pavers, we understand how to work with different pavers, ranging from natural stone to concrete or even brick. By collaborating with us, we can guide you in selecting the right type of pavers that complement the architectural style of your home and match your personal preferences. For instance, a hardscape designer may recommend sleek and modern pavers in neutral tones to create a cohesive look if you have a contemporary-style home. On the other hand, if your home has a more rustic charm, they might suggest using natural stone or brick pavers that exude warmth and character. Their expertise can bring out the best qualities in your pool area while ensuring it seamlessly integrates with its surroundings. Furthermore, collaborating with the team of experts from Coastal Patio Pavers allows for a holistic approach to your outdoor space. They consider existing vegetation, daytime sun exposure, and drainage requirements. This comprehensive assessment ensures that your pool paving will be visually stunning, functional, and sustainable in the long run.

Customer Reviews


These guys are awesome!! Highly recommend. We spent over a year contacting different contractors for our deck replacement, decided to go with Coastal, and are so happy we did! They were honest, responsive, hardworking, and, most of all, did excellent quality work. The results exceeded our expectations. Check out the pics I included!

- Lauren V.

Outdoor Remodel


From start to finish our experience with Coastal Outdoor Construction was exceptional. We received estimates from many other companies for our new composite deck and chose Coastal for not only their price, but for their helpfulness in explaining products to us and their responsiveness. Ivy was a pleasure to work with and her assistance with designing our deck was outstanding. Karl, Dave and crew worked as a well oiled machine and built our deck on time and with attention to detail. We loved their suggestion of adding deck lighting. We are beyond thrilled with our new deck!

- Cindi F.

Outdoor Remodel


Coastal LLC just left after installing a custom deck for us. The quote we received was honored and the work was done in the time frame they quoted. They beat the competition price and was one of the few that actually showed up to do the quote. The work and quality of materials is great. The staff was helpful and detailed in what they were going to do and I could not be happier. If you are looking for an honest, hard-working company that will show up and do a great job at an affordable price you can't go wrong with Coastal. I will recommend them to all of my customers that are looking to improve their home. Thanks!

- Merrilee A.

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