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Paver Patio in Jacksonville, FL

Experience the highest level of backyard transformation with our expert paver patio installation services in Jacksonville, FL. Envision lounging on a brick paver patio or a beautifully designed paver patios, enjoying Florida’s radiant sunsets, or hosting lively cookouts with friends and family on a patio with paver stones.

Expert Paver Patio Installation in Jacksonville, FL: Transform Your Backyard

Transforming your backyard into a beautiful paver stone patio and functional outdoor space starts with a well-executed paver patio installation. Whether you want to create a patio with paver stone or an inviting entertaining area or a tranquil retreat, choosing the right professionals for the job is crucial. In Jacksonville, FL, there are expert landscape contractors who specialize in creating stunning and durable paver patios that enhance the aesthetics and value of your property. A reputable hardscape contractor in Jacksonville will have extensive experience in paver patio installation, ensuring that the project is completed efficiently and to your satisfaction. They will start by assessing your yard's layout and considering factors such as drainage, existing features, and your specific design preferences. Once the preliminary planning is done, the contractors will prepare the area by excavating and leveling it to create a solid foundation. This step is vital to ensure that the paver patio remains stable and free from future issues like sinking or cracks. By using professional-grade equipment and techniques, they will guarantee a sturdy base for your new patio. The next phase involves selecting and laying down the patio pavers. An experienced contractor will guide you through your paver options and choices based on your desired aesthetic and budget. They will skillfully place each paver, paying careful attention to alignment and precision.
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Jacksonville's Top-Rated Paver Patio Contractors

Our company offers professional paver patio and patio paver installation services in Jacksonville, FL. We specialize in custom designs and installations to fit the unique needs of our clients. Our services include but are not limited to: patio design consultation, site preparation, paver selection and installation, and finishing touches such as fire pits and outdoor lighting. We value quality craftsmanship and use only the highest quality materials to ensure our clients are satisfied with their new paver patio outdoor living space.


Paver Patio Installation

Turning your backyard into a stunning stone patio and usable outdoor area begins with a skillfully designed & paver patio.

Paver Patio Replacement

Turning your backyard into a stunning stone patio and usable outdoor area begins with a skillfully designed & paver patio.

Essential Requirements for a Successful Paver Patio Renovation

A suitable foundation guarantees the durability of your patio paver or brick paver patio, preventing issues such as shifting or sinking over time. High-quality materials ensure that your investment withstands the test of time and maintains its aesthetic appeal.
Proper drainage is crucial in areas prone to heavy rainfall like Jacksonville, FL, as it prevents water from pooling on the surface and potentially causing damage or creating unsafe conditions.
Professional installation not only saves you time but also ensures that every aspect of the project, including a backyard paver patio, is handled with expertise. This results in beautiful and functional outdoor space replete with excellent workmanship.
Compliance with local codes, especially if you're doing an installation, is essential to avoid any legal issues and ensure that your patio adheres to safety standards. Finally, taking into account your personal design preferences guarantees that you'll enjoy spending time in your revamped backyard oasis.

Why Hire a Professional Installer in Jacksonville FL

Jacksonville homeowners who dream of a stunning paver patio might feel torn between the allure of a DIY project and calling in the professionals. But the choice becomes clear when you consider the following advantages of hiring a pro:


Deep-Rooted Expertise

Professional installers don't just lay down pavers. Their wealth of experience encompasses everything from best practices to intricate design nuances, ensuring every project they undertake is a testament to craftsmanship.
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End-to-End Precision

It's not just about a visually appealing patio. It's about longevity and stability. Professionals ensure proper site preparation, grading, leveling, and drainage—each a critical step in ensuring your patio stands firm against the tests of time and weather.
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Quality Materials

Professionals in Jacksonville have established connections with top suppliers, ensuring access to high-caliber products designed specifically for enduring Florida's demanding climate. Your patio will not only be aesthetically pleasing but also robust.
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Time Savings

The painstaking task of installing a patio requires time, physical labor, and meticulous care. By entrusting this to experts, you reclaim your time, allowing you to engage in what truly matters to you.
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Long Term Cost-Effective

It might seem counterintuitive, but hiring professionals can save you money. While DIY might appear cheaper initially, the risks of inexperience—mistakes, inadequate installations, and future repairs—can compound costs over time.
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Peace of Mind

Perhaps the most significant advantage is the peace of mind you attain. Knowing experts, with their vast knowledge and resources, are turning your vision into reality means you can relax and watch your dream outdoor space come to life.

Exploring Material Options for Your Patio

Designing a patio, whether it's a brick pavers patio or another design, involves careful consideration of the materials that will be used. The material you choose for your patio can significantly impact its overall aesthetics, durability, and maintenance requirements. Let's explore some popular options for patio materials to help you make an informed decision. Concrete Pavers: Concrete pavers are a versatile and commonly used material for patios. They are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors, allowing for endless design possibilities. Concrete pavers offer excellent durability and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Additionally, they are relatively low maintenance and provide a slip-resistant surface, making them a practical choice for outdoor spaces. Imagine having a beautiful patio made with concrete pavers in your backyard, specifically a backyard paver patio. You can choose from a range of colors to match your personal style and complement the existing aesthetic of your home. These pavers can also be arranged in intricate patterns or designs, adding visual appeal to your outdoor space while providing a sturdy foundation for furniture or entertainment areas. Natural Stone: Natural stone is another popular option for creating an elegant and timeless patio. Materials like flagstone, slate or bluestone exude a unique charm, bringing a natural element to your outdoor living area. Each piece of natural stone varies in texture, color, and shape, resulting in a distinctive look for every patio.

Advantages of Investing in a Paver Patio

One significant benefit of a paver patio is its durability. Unlike traditional concrete or asphalt surfaces that can crack or become damaged over time, patio pavers are known for their strength and longevity. These interlocking units are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, extreme weather conditions, and even vehicle weight when installed properly. This durability ensures that your paver installation service's investment will last for years to come with minimal maintenance required. A paver patio also provides excellent versatility and adaptability. With various sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns available, you can achieve the exact look and feel you desire for your outdoor space. Whether you prefer a classic and timeless design or something more contemporary and unique, patio pavers offer endless possibilities for customization. You can create intricate patterns, borders, and even incorporate different materials like stone or brick to add visual interest to your pool deck in Jacksonville. Installing a paver patio provides excellent drainage capabilities. The gaps between each individual patio paver allow water to infiltrate into the ground rather than pooling on the surface. This helps prevent issues such as standing water or erosion that can lead to mold growth or damage to your landscaping. The permeability of pavers also makes them an environmentally-friendly option as they promote natural rainwater absorption on your Jacksonville Beach or Fernandina Beach property. Investing in a paver patio can significantly increase the value of your property. A well-designed and professionally installed outdoor space can become an attractive feature for potential buyers and improve your overall curb appeal. It extends your living area to the outdoors, creating additional usable space for relaxation, entertaining, or hosting gatherings. This enhanced functionality and aesthetic appeal make a paver patio, or a pool deck, a wise investment that offers both immediate enjoyment and long-term value.

Customer Reviews


These guys are awesome!! Highly recommend. We spent over a year contacting different contractors for our deck replacement, decided to go with Coastal, and are so happy we did! They were honest, responsive, hardworking, and, most of all, did excellent quality work. The results exceeded our expectations. Check out the pics I included!

- Lauren V.

Outdoor Remodel


From start to finish our experience with Coastal Outdoor Construction was exceptional. We received estimates from many other companies for our new composite deck and chose Coastal for not only their price, but for their helpfulness in explaining products to us and their responsiveness. Ivy was a pleasure to work with and her assistance with designing our deck was outstanding. Karl, Dave and crew worked as a well oiled machine and built our deck on time and with attention to detail. We loved their suggestion of adding deck lighting. We are beyond thrilled with our new deck!

- Cindi F.

Outdoor Remodel


Coastal LLC just left after installing a custom deck for us. The quote we received was honored and the work was done in the time frame they quoted. They beat the competition price and was one of the few that actually showed up to do the quote. The work and quality of materials is great. The staff was helpful and detailed in what they were going to do and I could not be happier. If you are looking for an honest, hard-working company that will show up and do a great job at an affordable price you can't go wrong with Coastal. I will recommend them to all of my customers that are looking to improve their home. Thanks!

- Merrilee A.

Outdoor Remodel

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